victoria coeroesi

Victoria Coeroesi born 1977 in Budapest, Hungary.
 Graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest in 2004. Lives and works in Linz, Austria. 

I have always been attracted to structures and the so-called soft materials (paper, textile, and certain types of wood). I constantly need structures or frameworks as a starting point in order to start creating something. Although I value nothing higher than freedom, I need a more or less strict system or framework in which I can develop my ideas freely. This basic attitude made me turn to some traditional techniques, computer programs and languages. Boundaries and rules can also be very inspiring once you are well accustomed to them, and it is also a great pleasure to design my own structures and laws. In recent years, among other things, I have been working on my folded objects that are usually folded from a single piece of canvas. The fabric and the oil paint are of course a reference, a kind of homage to classical painting. I work with basic geometric shapes that are almost trivial, yet at the same time essential, universal, and solemn, and convey something that has little to do with everyday life. In recent times, in contrast to my previous photographic work, three-dimensionality has been coming to the fore in my work. My main ambition is to create pure works of art that invite the viewer to decipher them.

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